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Song Demos from The Jenny Mill Inn, New Play with Music



Downloads from Endworld the Lounge Rock Musical:

Love Theme from Endworld (MP3, Song Ends Act 1)

I Have Let You Down (MP3, 2nd to Last Song in Show)

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My Heart Is Open - Ramona & C

On Earth - Ramona & C

You Gotta Be Out of Your Mind - Chris Martinez Group
How I Believe - Chris Martinez Group
I Drink the Air - Chris Martinez Group
Table for Zero - Chris Martinez Group
Any Given Moment - Chris Martinez Group
Jane - Chris Martinez Group
All Hell Broke Loose - Chris Martinez Country

Really Weird Dreams - Voice & Guitar, Early 2008
Drive On Alone - Voice & Guitar, Early 2008

Can't Stop That Circus Song - Voice & Guitar, 2007
You Look Like Love - Voice & Guitar, 2007


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"Game Day" by Mike Mezzina & Ryan Savini (At 5:30)

"Game Day" (HD)

Chris and Danielle Osborn Promo for MJMI Snippetz

Chris on How MJMI "Mines Sales Opportunities"
Chris as a Jerry Springer Type
• Chris for MJMI Video, Casual GreenScreen Test
• Chris "Straight" Take for MJMI Video
• Chris with Jeremy for an Auto Mall
• Chris for Douglas Infiniti

• "Gross Income" Rehearsal

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Chris as "North Jersey Detective"

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Endworld Info & Downloads

The New Parkway Players

Ramona & Christopher

The Chris Martinez Group

Voice & Guitar Demos

Voice & Guitar Cover Songs

Photo Gallery

Nonfiction Articles by Chris

MP3 Voice & Guitar Demos

The Tarantula in the Piazza - Voice & Guitar, 2007

Hell Comes to Frogtown - 2006, Voice & Guitar (8-Minute Epic)

Paper Mache Bunny Couple

If You Marry Ned - CH, Voice & Guitar

Who Does Your Lawyer Know

Better Cocktail Lounges - Christopher Hoyle

Elena - Christopher Hoyle

Watch Over You - Christopher Hoyle

Licking County Line - Stu-Man & Dean Ho

I Lost My Keys - Christopher Hoyle

I Will Win You - Christopher Hoyle

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Most rights reserved.

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Left on Love, Rough Demo

Refuse to Lose My Heart, Rough Demo

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